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08 февраля 2011

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Рыбы рождены для любви. Страстные и умелые, знают толк в любви физической и духовной, требования высоки, легко ранимы. Неосторожное слово партнера может погасить огонь страсти. Очень склонны, особенно женщины, к мечтам и фантазии.

Женщины-Рыбы бывают изумительны по красоте, покоряют мужские сердца способностью понимать их и любить. Часто рано выходят замуж. Жены-Рыбы верны и преданны, их дом «базис мира» для супруга. Порою очень льстивы.

Мужчины-Рыбы — хорошие мужья, вся жизнь с ними может быть медовым месяцем. Рыбы бывают нерешительны из-за страха быть отвергнутыми. Они щедры и боготворят своих жен.

Рыбы совместимы с Овном, Тельцом, Скорпионом, Козерогом, Водолеем.

Не любят Дев, Близнецов.


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anonymous (гость)
24 февраля 2024

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Unrequited salute to Alexei Navalny!

You can destroy his body but you cannot destroy his idea!



Anonymous is hacking this website for multiple reasons.

We are here to support Ukraine against the invasion by Russia since today marks 2 years of war,
support Taiwan, and publicizing Shepherd Iverson's maverick peace
plan on North Korea,

USSR was all about getting the title of being first,

no matter how superficial the achievement, and how dangerous the approach, and sometimes, hiding the truth about it until decades later.

First artificial satellite was achieved by the USSR. It did pretty much nothing but beep, and its orbit decayed quite quickly.

USA's first artificial satellite orbited for years,

carried a science payload and discovered the Van Allen radiation.

The first picture in space was taken by USA through a modified missile on suborbital flight.

The outright first animal intentionally put into in space was Rhesus monkey aboard a German V2 operated by the USA.

First animal into orbit was achieved with a dog by the USSR, which died due to a cooling system failure.

USA's put the first chimpanzees and hominids into space that survived and landed, the former occurred much earlier than Laika.

The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin of the USSR,

but he was forced to eject prior to landing,

and under the terms agreed meant his mission was technically a failure; or an "uncompleted spaceflight" per Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) definitions.

This was kept secret by the USSR for decades. The first American in space landed successfully with his capsule,

while being the first to manually control his spacecraft.

First woman in space was a clear USSR "first" that they were targeting. The USA had a policy of only accepting military test pilots, of which there were no women.

The first space walk was demonstrated by the USSR, but it came close to disaster as the cosmonaut couldn't reenter the spacecraft due to his suit inflating due to the pressure differential,

and had to bleed out air in order to be able to squeeze back into the hatch. USA's first space walk went without such problems, and quickly overtook the USSR in pioneering how spacewalks would be performed, and how to do useful work.

It also claims the first untethered spacewalk. First orbital rendezvous was claimed by the USSR, but was achieved merely by launching two rockets at the right time.

The two space craft were kilometers apart, and had no way of getting close to each other, or no knowledge of how to do it.

The first rendezvous performed by the USA used orbital mechanics and deliberate maneuvers to have two Gemini spacecraft find each other, fly in formation, and then go their separate ways. The first docking was achieved by the USA during the Gemini program.

First docking for the purposes of crew transfer between two spacecraft was achieved by the USSR. The crew transfer was done via external spacewalk, and served in claiming another first.

The re-entry nearly ended in complete disaster and had a hard landing.

USA's first docking and crew transfer was achieved between an internally pressurized corridor during Apollo 9. First picture of the far side of the moon was achieved by the USSR, and is a very low quality image.

Shortly after the USA began a complete mapping survey of the entire lunar surface. The first lunar return sample was achieved by the USSR, but was effectively a few grams of dust.

The USA returned tones of different kinds of individually selected moon rock. The USSR lunar landing mission consisted of an external spacewalk to transfer a single cosmonaut to a tiny one man lander with just enough provisions to make some boot prints before trying to get back home. Again, just to be able to claim a first.

The USA lunar landing missions thrived on the moon, taking down two astronauts and resulted in them being to stay on the surface for days, and even drive around on it in a car.

Once the USSR lost the moon race, they instantly lost all interest in it, and focused on creating a space station. There's a familiar pattern to all of this. The USSR did the very minimum, often at the expense of safety to meet an arbitrary goal as soon as possible. The USA's failures and mishaps were all in the public eye. The USSR's were mostly kept secret.

Both nations knew landing on the moon was going to be the finish line. The USA got there first, and didn't just hit the finish line gasping and wheezing as the USSR would have been, but came through it in complete comfort and style,

before doing it a few more times with greater and greater challenges for good measure. As for space stations, missions to Salyut 1 were plagued with failures with one even resulting with the death of crews upon re-entry while USA launched an almost functional boilerplate space station OPS 0855 earlier than Salyut.

Since NASA lost its original purpose (beat the Russians to the moon) it has lost its way a bit, but companies like SpaceX have actually managed to make the point of the space race better than Apollo did.

The original space race was supposed to demonstrate private enterprise and the American way of life vs centralized government control, but the Apollo program wasn't private enterprise, and was under direct government control. SpaceX, Blue Origin, RocketLab and others are the true demonstration of commercial spaceflight,

where the government agency NASA now just becomes a customer to private launch and even spacecraft providers.

The USA won in the 60's, and it's absolutely winning now versus anything Russia or Europe is building with public funds.

Russian warships, go fuck yourselves!

WTF Google? First the harsh inactive account policies, and then this?

An innovative way to end Kim regime: Stage a buyout!

Now comes the most interesting “peaceful regime change” formula of all:

Make members of the North Korean elite millionaires. Buy them out!

This proposal is contained in a new book, “Stop North Korea!: A Radical New Approach to the North Korean Stand-off”.

The book is written by Shepherd Iverson who is a professor at Inha University in Incheon, South Korea, where he has lived with his family in the past eight years. He is also the author of “One Korea: A Proposal for Peace” (2013).

He said that, in order to denuclearise North Korea, we must create insurmountable culture-wide “economic incentives” for reunification. This would peacefully remove the Kim regime from power.

How does one go about offering “economic incentives” that would edge Kim Jong-un out of power?

Prof Iverson believes the only way to do this is through the institution of a Reunification Investment Fund. His plan envisions $4 billion of private investment per year – promised over seven years – to pay off North Korean military and political elites, and another $15 billion (also over seven years) to personally incentivise the government bureaucracy and the impoverished population in Pyongyang to take action.

“I think a $30-billion fund, sitting idle in escrow but ready to pay out, might be enough to unify and denuclearise North Korea in a matter of months. Word of mouth spreads quickly. It wouldn’t take long for everyone inside North Korea to hear about this offer. And soon everyone will be talking about how to depose the Kim regime and join with the South,” Iverson wrote in his blog recently.

It is, he explains, the relative poverty in North Korea that gives his reunification plan a chance. He pointed out that there are 200,000 millionaires in South Korea, but only a few hundred in the North. “My plan would create 11,000 instant millionaires, and begin a long process of peace and reconciliation,” he said.

Once the reunification fund is in place, North Korean elites would get enough incentive money to compel them to make Kim an offer he cannot refuse.

“This may result in a Palace Revolution led by ultra-elites – who would receive $20 million-$30 million each if Kim acquiesced – or a coup d’état sponsored by well-compensated military elites – all generals are promised at least a million dollars. Or it could lead to mass insurrection or peaceful acquiesce. Each of these scenarios is of course preferred over military confrontation,” Iverson said.

The fund will also help the really poor and needy in North Korea. The professor pointed that, besides the nuclear threat, the UN estimates two million children are chronically malnourished and the regime holds more than 80,000 political prisoners in a Stalin-like gulag system.

“The reason this Reunification Investment Fund was quoted at $175 billion is because I direct $125 billion – more than two-thirds of the money – directly to the impoverished masses over seven years, more than doubling average household incomes per year. This capital would come from public sources and is money that must be spent on development anyway… and it is best it enter the economy through individuals – motivating both reunification and bankrolling economic demand at the grassroots,” he said.

He argued that for the masses, promises of stable food prices, modern medical and dental care for their children, job freedom, reliable water and electricity, improved infrastructure, and thousands of dollars in a personal bank account, will create a new world of optimism. What if Kim refuses to step down? Mass disappointment, he believes, will lead to collective action.

Will Kim be paid to leave?

Iverson’s response: “Kim Jong-un and his family will receive no money. But I recommend Kim be allowed to keep a portion of the money he is reported to have squirreled away. I think even now Kim Jong-un might reasonably be recast as a young figurehead leader, not directly responsible for the purges ordered by the old hierarchy of the entrenched Party bureaucracy. This gives Kim a plausible free pass and safe exit from power, without international retribution.”

Where would the money come from?

Iverson has the answer: “The $4 billion per year for seven years that is necessary to payoff North Korean elites must come from private sources. I would expect a consortium of Korean chaebols, international corporations, and private individuals can raise this kind of capital. This might be all the money needed to spark reunification.”

Credible allegations have been made against Wikipedia,

that there are harassment and perhaps even pedophilia scandals.

Systemic bias: Missing indigenous and native women receive

less attention than white women.

CCP, are you into Mudkipz? Why you're covering up a mass murder tragedy?

People have the right to know if such a thing did indeed happen

so that people can take measures to make such type of tragedies to not happen again.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Zelensky!

In hindsight Russia should've accepted

the "neutral security belt" and the peacekeeping administration plans instead of war

We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forget

We do not forgive

Expect us!

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